take the power back

The world cannot afford to keep half of the population outside of the digital economy. That is why we are building the REDi Go platform – an AI powered financial grid built on a novel propriety protocol that puts the power of a bank in your pocket. It is time to give the power back to the people.

Utilizing transformative technologies

REDi Go is developed by using three of the most transformative technologies of the past decade.

  1. REDi Go platform is built on micro services architecture, enabling limitless scaling and smooth intergration via APIs to other systems
  2. Machine learning offers cost effective tailoring on micro level and opitimisation on macro level
  3. Blockhain offers the fundamentals of finance – validation, security & authentication

Proof of concept

REDi Go is completely value agnostic. Transferring any digital value – whether qualitative or quantitative, is possible.

As a proof on concept, REDi Ai is developing two service lines on top of REDi Go platform in cooperation with carefully selected partners:

  • REDi Pay – a value agnostic peer to peer payments system with AI backed personal finance management capabilities
  • REDi Rewards  – a customer acquisition and consumer lifecycle management tool for retail.

REDi Ai is an infrasructure provider

There is a plethora of use cases that REDi Go platform can be the foundation. 

REDi Go platform is not a middle man but an infrastructure provider –  a background foundation for more fluid transactions and equitable economy.

We will open the platform for third party service providers and developers during 2021. 


Join us in building the next generation financial plumbing

Are you a merchant, service provider or a developer interested in collaboration? Please insert your contact details below or drop us a line at hello@redi.ai.