Organisations our people have worked in include technology giants Apple and Nokia, banking behemoths Morgan Stanley & Deutsche Bank, Ivy League University Berkeley, and even NASA.

elia elenius

Elia Elenius


Elia leads the commercialisation efforts, is the chairman of the board of directors and co-founder of REDi. He has led teams of marketing professionals & growth hackers across five countries and two continents, while helping to scale a fintech startup up to 200+ million USD annual revenue. In addition, he has consulted multinational corporations on innovation incubation and is a frequent speaker at universities and business events.

Warren Sample

Warren Sample

Business Architecture

Warren is the lead business architect, strategist and co-founder of REDi. He has extensive experience from both corporate and startup worlds, having worked within investment banking and technology giants such as Apple and Nokia. After his corporate career, Warren was co-founder and CEO at Tapp Group, a mobile point of sales tool that came to be one of the most popular in Indonesia. Originally from Silicon Valley, Warren has experience from US, European and Southeast Asian markets.

dr clarence tan phd

Dr. Clarence Tan, PhD

Exponential Technology

Dr. Tan is a polymath researcher, innovator, investor, entrepreneur, and exponential technology advisor at REDi. As an Adjunct Professor of engineering & IT at Griffith University, and having worked at NASA, Singularity University and several forward thinking financial technology companies, he brings REDi Ai invaluable expertise in the field of artificial intelligence.

matthew clayworth

Matthew Clayworth

Finance & Corporate Affairs

Matt is in charge of finances and corporate affairs, a member of the board of directors and co-founder of REDi. He has worked several decades in investment banking at top tier insitutions such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, both in Australia and the UK.


Jan Borgelin


Jan is responsible for the development efforts and is a co-founder of REDi. Having experience from technical architecture, hands-on coding and managing complex software development projects spanning three decades, Jan transforms REDi Ai's ambitious vision into concrete reality.

Annina Ruottu

Dr. Annina Ruottu, PhD


Dr. Annina Ruottu, PhD. is a researcher, consultant and regulatory advisor at REDi. Dr. Ruottu has researched regulatory issues concerning deep technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and worked at the policy sector at national and European levels.

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