why do we exist

Take a look at the value chain below. Currently, a simple financial transaction passes through countless middlemen and thresholds. More often than not, a new revolutionary fintech solution is just a new layer on the stack. The power continues to lie within the chain and never at the end points.

The value chain is bloated and costly

We need a positive disruption

The bloated legacy technology stack prevents cheaper transactional costs and leaner business models to emerge, leading to severe consequences.

The facts do not lie:

  • One-third of the world’s population is still unbanked.
  • In 2022,  the number will remain at over a billion.
  • Add underbanked, and the figures double. That is almost half of the entire planet.


At the same time, the banked are searching for new, leaner, and more rewarding models to use in their everyday life.

Our vision is a world where every individual has access to the digital economy and transferring value is as easy as sending a message to a friend.